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Stance and Gait Pain

Introducing Podiatric Biomechanics

Stance and gait pain is relieved by what we call podiatric biomechanics.The basic goals when treating patients biomechanically are to :

        -  relieve pain
        -  prevent injury
        -  prevent deformity

The basic idea of biomechanics and orthotics is to bring the groundup to the plantar aspect of the foot when the subtalar joint is in neutralposition, midtarsal joint(s) locked, with the feet in angle and base ofgait. Or, to prevent the foot from abnormal motion due to compensatingfor biomechanical faults in the patient.

Surgical Method

Realign joints, tendons to reapproximate intended biomechanical actionand relationships of body parts.

Non-Surgical Method

Realign joints, and stabilize by use of foot orthotics, shoes, musclestretching and strengthening.


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