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Fractured Toes

Contrary to the beliefs of many, an improperly treatedbroken toe can lead to significant pain, disability, missed work and exercise.

Fractured Toe Fallacy #999:

"If you break a toe, there is nothing you can do about it."

This is very misleading information to tell someone with a broken toe.There are 3 possible breaks which have their own unique treatment and ramificationsif not treated:
1. Displaced fractureIf you don't treat a displaced fracture, you can be faced with a chronic,swolen toe. Patients will have difficulty wearing shoes, doing sports activities,etc. These need to be reset, usually under anesthesia, and splinted orsurgically fixed.
2. Non-displaced fracture Non-treatment can lead to a displaced fracture, or chronic swellingand pain in the toe. These need to be treated with splinting, ice, andcompression. Even when treated correctly, they can be quite slow in healing.
3. Contusion (no fracture)These need to be treated like any sprain or strain. Treatment needsto include splinting, ice, and compressed wrapping. There are cases ofboth contusions or non-displaced fractures where a local anesthetic with½ cc of beta or dexamethasone will speed recovery.


"If you can move the toe, it is probably not broken."

As we all know, a toe will move even if it is broken because it is stillattached by muscles and tendons.

This has kept a lot of people from getting proper care for their toes.Long time healing and swelling can be prevented by proper and early care.

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