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Bunions are caused by three effects:

1. Heredity
2. Tight or poor fitting shoes forcing the large toe over
3. Poor foot function causing boney and muscular imbalance

The heredity factors are only treatable in light of the second and thirdcauses for bunions.


A change of shoe is typical of the non-surgical treatments for bunions.Shoes should be fit with minimal pressure on the large toe and fit at theend of the day when the foot is at its largest size. Poor foot function,if it hasn't gone too far in enlarging the bunion is treated by foot orthoticsand physical therapy in the form of muscle strengthening and stretching.Splints for both morning and evening may also alleviate stress on the foot,as can anti-inflamatory medication, ice and wrappings. If the non-surgicaltreatments do not work to satisfaction, then surgical correction is thetreatment of choice. The goal of surgical care is to reduce pain, eliminatethe bump and straighten the toe. Soft tissue may also be realigned, ascan bone fixation with pins and/or screws. In rare cases, casts and crutchesmay be necessary.

Getting the correct treatment

A lot of care is being dictated by insurance carriers. In our practice,we are trying to buck the tide and offer the patient all options in orderto provide what they need rather than what the insurance tries to encourage.Please call with your questions about Bunion Surgery and alternatives.


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