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Morton's Neuromas

These are enlargements of the interdigital nerve in the forefoot whichcauses severe local and shooting pain. They are caused by abnormal footfunction and sometimes trauma. Most often they are between the 3rd and4th toes.


First you need to be examined and xrayed to be sure it is neuroma. Itcould be a fracture, joint inflammation, etc. If it is neuroma, treatmentis foot orthotics (properly made to your exact specifications), sometimesinjection of novacaine and cortisone, sometimes physical therapy. If thisfails it may need to be surgically removed. Natural remedies include ice,footsoaks, good, stable padded shoes (generally most running shoes, likeNike, are the best).

I personally have had this and know how painful it can be. I've avoidedsurgery but will be willing to have it if necessary.


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