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Orthotics Relieve Foot Pain During Pregnancy

One of the most uncomfortable maladies women experienceduring pregnancy is foot pain. Arch and heel pain during pregnancy is verycommon and can often be relieved with the use of orthotics. Often, yourobstetrician will recommend that you see a podiatrist to have custom footorthotics made.

Custom-made devices that fit into the shoe for support, orthotics willnot only ease foot pain, but can also alleviate knee, hip and back painsthat are the result of imbalance and lack of support in the foot.


In pregnant women, the hormones that loosen ligaments in the pelvicarea and allow for the delivery of a child also loosen ligaments in thefeet. As the feet begin to relax and flatten out due to weight gain duringpregnancy, walking can become painful. Orthotics provide the support lostby this loosening, and the relief is often immediate. Orthotics shouldbecome a part of every woman's pregnancy in order to avoid arch strainand increased foot size.

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