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2010 OPICA Center Lecture

2017 Bais Naftoli Address

We are a friendly practice serving the Los Angeles area. Featuring Dr.Arnold Ross, D.P.M., Dr.Carolyn Chun, D.P.M., Ameer Matariyeh, D.P.M. and Cheryl Donath, D.P.M., we have the expertise to deal with any type of foot ailment, and are dedicated to non-surgical treatment whenever possible. If you have not been to our practice before, we invite you to come down for a free foot examination. Just call and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

How to Select Shoes, Read about the Ten Steps to Orthotic Fabrication, Fungal Nail Infections, Ingrown Toenails, Bunions, Hammertoes, Neuromas, Ulcers, Foot Pain Due To Pregnancy, Children's Foot Problems, Stance  &  Gait Pain, Corns  &  Callouses, Diabetic Foot Care, Plantar Fasciitis & Night Splints, Fractured toes, Heel Pain, Orthotics, Athlete's Foot, Shaq, Shoe of the Week

Dr.Ross was the Assistant Baseball Coach for Y.U.L.A. (click here for photos)
He's also a participant in many marathons and half marathons (photo)

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